Gallo Wine Tasting w/ Andrew Tilman
Friday Oct 17th 4pm-7pm, 2014
This event has already occurred
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We all know E&J Gallo Wine Co, what you don't know, however, is that they aren't just marketing geniuses. E&J is a family owned and operated company that nitpicks over appropriateness of place and varietal as much as the next wine geek. With brands like MacMurray, which is dedicated to bringing the best examples of Pinot Noir from Sonoma, and Louis Martini, a cab driven brand that has one of the industries best kept secrets (Monte Rosso). This is an opportunity to hear from the horse's mouth, and no one knows more about E&J's wine than Andrew. Andrew has been a long time colleague of ours, and it's thanks to him we have brands like Clarendon and Brancaia. This is another learning opportunity because outside of talking to Ernest and Julio themselves this is as close to the source as it gets. Hope to you see you there. Saude!
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