Privateer Rum - 3 minute cocktails
Friday Feb 20th 5pm-7pm, 2015
This event has already occurred
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Made in Ipswich, MA at a small, craft distillery Privateer is what rum should be.  Jay Needleman will be hosting '3 minute cocktails' a fast, fun and easy way to learn about simple and delicious cocktails.  In just a few minutes you can try some great rum and learn a new cocktail.  Stay for a few extra minutes and learn several cocktails! The silver rum bears no resemblance to the harsh, phenol flavor of many others.  It is smooth and mixable while showing the true potential of fine rum... Lightly floral with notes of sweet basil, anise, cotton candy, and a hint of butterscotch culminating in a silky finish. Their Amber rum bucks the trend of over-sweet, spiciness showing rich flavor and complexity similar to fine Bourbon Whiskey.  This rum is exceptionally smooth and round with waves of orange citrus, sandalwood, leather, cinnamon and spice, and a lingering and silky finish.
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