Spencer Trappist & Bantam Cider Tasting
Friday Oct 17th 4pm-6pm, 2014
This event has already occurred
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On October 17th we are having a two-for-one tasting.  While both drink makers are producing high quality beverages, they are in two very different categories.  First we have a Trappist Ale from Spencer.  Brewed by the Monk's of Saint Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, MA, this ale is quickly becoming one of the most highly sought out brews from Massachusetts.  Unfiltered and unpasteurized, Spencer is golden hued, full body, with accents of fruit and subtle hop bitterness.   The other libations we will be tasting are from Bantam, a cidery out of Somerville.  Bantam produces some high quality, small batch ciders.  We will be tasting their flagship Wunderkind, a light and crisp cider, and the Rojo, a cider which is aged with sour cherries and black peppercorn and uses an ale yeast.  Come out between 4-6pm to taste these two relatively new, but well received beverages.
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