About Us

color*full is an exciting new space where kids and families can come to find their inspiration.

Children ages 2 through 7 can drop-in with their parents for open-ended art explorations inspired by a different artist or art movement each week. Children ages 4 and up can sign up for drop-off classes and special workshops. Our birthday parties are unique and memorable. We are so pleased to offer a stand-alone space dedicated completely to encouraging kids to explore the creative process and to think of themselves as artists.

How We Got Started

I was inspired to create color*full when I was unable to find anything like it to enjoy with my own children, a son and daughter who are now ages 3 and 5. I am so proud to offer kids and families a bright, airy, and creatively charged space in which they can freely explore the creative process!

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Our Team
Stacey Low  from ColorFull
Stacey Low