Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer is the parent of a child age 6+ years old who is looking for a safe place for their creative child to learn new skills and make friends.

About Us

Create!® Sewing Studio: Where kids, teens & adults have fun learning to sew!

Owner/Instructor Rebecca Szetela has been sewing and teaching sewing for many years. She has a BA in Art from Tufts University and the Boston Museum School, MBA from Simmons School of Management and was a resident artist and craftsperson at Emerson Umbrella in Concord, MA.

Other Sewing Instructors include:

Senior Instructor Samantha is well-known locally for her meticulous, hand-sewn Revolutionary Re-enactment garments.

Sewing Instructor Susanne has been sewing quilts for 25 years and garments for close to 50 years!

Sewing Instructors Karen, Cynthia, Jen, Ruth, Brenda, Denise, Meridith are also quite talented and love teaching sewing to all ages.

How We Got Started

I owned a Graphic Design Studio for over 20 years, but I closed it when my son was born. As soon as he was ready for school, I was ready to start a new business. I went back to school to get my MBA at Simmons School of Management plus a post-graduate Entrepreneurship Studies Course and Internship. At Simmons I wrote the business plan for Create!

Make Your Own Halloween Fairies/Spooky Halloween Fairy Tree House! (Ages 6+)

Private Sewing Instruction

We offer private sewing instruction for all ages from the most basic beginner to the advanced sewist on a totally customized schedule.

Group Sewing Classes for Adults

We offer Daytime or Evening Group Classes starting every 6 weeks. Starting with the "sewing machine tour" you learn everything from making a bobbin and threading the sewing machine to creating a project from start to finish. Several beginner projects are offered. Intermediate to advanced sewing...

Group "Learn to Sew" Classes for Kids

We teach sewing to children age 6+ and up by machine & by hand. Children learn in a project based curriculum having fun while learning to sew! Kids sewing classes are scheduled after school & Saturdays. We also offer February and April Vacation & Summer Vacation Sew Fun for Kids™ Sew Camp, Girl...
Businesses We Recommend
Barbara is a very talented artist, marketer and networker who produces fabulous one of a kind felted clothing creations.
Sue has been doing calligraphy for folks for a long time and her work is beautiful.
Jay is a fabulous teacher who introduced my son to the guitar. My son is now 20 years old, writes his own music and in several bands (He switched to being a drummer, but his musical foundation was from Jay. ) and playing music is one of the loves of his life.
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Rebecca Linson Szetela answered Why Do You Not Use Staffing Services?
about 1 month ago • 2 Likes • 1 Reply
Our staff is very specialized as I only hire sewing instructors...it never occured to me to use a staffing service to hire someone to teach sewing. (more)
Rebecca Linson Szetela replied to Acton Woman Promotes ‘Buy Local’ Campaign
5 months ago • 1 Like
This is great! Thanks for supporting small local businesses. I started my business out of my home in Acton almost 9 years ago and we have grown into a commercial space at 274 Great Road in Acton.... (more)
Rebecca Linson Szetela answered Can You Recommend Someone to Help With My Logo?
about 11 hours ago
My logo was designed 10 years ago by a logo designer overseas (India). His work was excellent and price was reasonable. I wish I could recommend him, but when I tried to use him for a 2nd job... (more)
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