About Us

The Douglas Elementary School enrolls approximately 500 students in grades K-6. Average class size is 23 students. The school has 21 classrooms including an All-Day Kindergarten Program, a special education (SPED) program, and a computer lab. The building also contains a cafetorium, gymnasium, library, and additional rooms that offer support services.

Special Programs:

Art, music, physical education, library, and computer lab are integral parts of the Douglas curriculum. Douglas offers both an art and art history program. Student art work is celebrated and displayed throughout the school. Our music program has a chorus. The physical education program includes Project Adventure. Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) helps fund our library/media center, computer lab, and classroom assistants. The library/media center specialists help students explore literature and research skills. Computer specialists develop and teach an integrated computer curriculum.

How We Got Started

We believe that students at Douglas belong to a learning and caring community and are on a journey of growth. We believe that they should be valued, respected and celebrated while on this journey.

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