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About Us

Fugitive Stories is a Sunday evening monthly series of "Moth-inspired True Stories Told Live" held in The Gallery at Villageworks in West Acton. Each evening includes three experienced tellers and three 'first time' community tellers who share their stories on a pre-selected theme. Audience members may drop their name 'in the hat' to tell their own short story on the theme.

These evenings are funny, poignant and intimate and inspire conversations and connections among those who attend. Hearing stories told live - in contrast to passively listening on NPR - really does bring out emotions and enjoyment in a dimension that cannot happen by listening on the radio or a podcast.

Fugitive Stories also partners with non-profit organizations to raise awareness by including 1-2 members affiliated with it to share a true story. In Fall 2016 we partnered with Mt. Calvary Community Supper in Acton and Communities for Restorative Justice (C4RJ) in Concord.

We hope to get more people involved to enjoy and participate in Fugitive Stories!

How We Got Started

With so many fans of The Moth, This American Life and true story podcasts, we thought that the residents of Acton and surrounding communities would welcome a local evening (no commute to Boston!) to hear and perhaps tell true stories.

Storytelling builds community as it connects neighbor to neighbor and old friends to newfound ones. Storytelling can be a family event for those with teenage children. For some, Fugitive Stories leads to quiet reflection as the storytellers express the sadness and hilarity of their most intimate moments.

We believe that storytelling raises awareness of the human condition by uplifting and engaging us in a very personal way.

Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customers are both men and women, age 28ish and up, although we are hoping for more participation from students ages 15 and up.

Our Team
Rose Saia from Fugitive Stories
Rose Saia
Businesses We Recommend
T2T is a great source of quality and specialty furniture (and accessories) at very reasonable prices.
Acton Coffee House provides a welcoming atmosphere for the community and stays open to serve Fugitive Stories guests on Sunday night!
AB Community Ed let me introduce a storytelling workshop which allowed me to connect with residents who wanted to learn storytelling for professional or personal reasons. It was fun and rewarding! The class offerings are diverse and it is a great asset for the community.
They are an invested community business that strives to provide great service.
Margo's provides warm and welcoming service and has been a consistent presence in the positive development of West Acton.
Past Events & Promotions
Fugitive Stories is thrilled to present Massmouth Grand Champion and Moth Grand Slam Champion Katie LIesener, Boston Comedy Chick Srilatha Rajamani and Moth Slam Winner Don PIcard as featured tellers along with community members from Acton Boxborough's Diversity Coalition. They will all share...
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