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About Us

Our flagship store is located in Acton, MA on 340 Great Road oncorner of Routes 2 and 27. In addition to our chocolates, we offer a tasty selection of ice cream flavors which are available in a variety of sizes from single scoops garnished with a piece of rich milk chocolate to Cubze Parfaits – your choice of ice cream layered with your favorite Cubze flavor and garnished with whipped cream and a chocolate drop. Please come by for a visit.

How We Got Started

Always wanted to apply our marketing and communications skills to the chocolate business.

Our Team
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Paul & Michelle McMahon
Upcoming Events & Promotions
1488295601 chocolate sampler buffet
In the winter and early spring when everyone’s cooped up inside, surprise employees with a chocolate buffet. Choose some chocolates, spread them out in a common area.. Or, surprise employees by placing small chocolate selections on each employee’s desk. These are great low cost ways of spreading...
1489603356 custom chocolate bunny rev 2017
Create a special Easter memory by ordering a custom chocolate Bunny. You choose milk or dark chocolate. Then you choose three mix-ins from over a dozen choices. A truly unique and special Easter gift. Bunnies are approximately 9" tall and 1/2 pound. We will make a donation to Acton Food...
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We will make a donation to Acton Food Pantry for all Easter candy sold this season. So, fill your Easter baskets and help feed the hungry! We have been making a variety of chocolate bunnies from pops to those large enough to be a table centerpiece. Our unique candy or cookie filled bunnies are...
Products & Services


Hand-crafted chocolates in milk, dark and white chocolate. We offer everything from hand-made bark to elegant gift collections.

Hand-Crafted Chocolates in Elegant Gift Collections

Our hand-crafted chocolates are made in small batches and packaged in elegant (yet affordable) gift collections reflecting the season. There are gifts appropriate for every need: hostess gifts, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, business client/customer recognition, or just to cheer...
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Past Events & Promotions
1488295075 box assorted chocolate 24 style shot 2016
Businesses have reasons throughout the year to express thanks to business associates. Yet, generally businesses only send or give gifts at the end of the year. Why? This seems like a disconnect. There are many reasons to give chocolates at various times during the year. Here are some ideas from...
1488233534 chocolate st. patrick's day treats
Fun chocolate gifts for St. Patrick's Day including milk chocolate shamrock pops and gold coins, mint truffle Cubze and Irish Cream truffles, dark chocolate mini-shamrock favors and a potato chip chocolate bar. Something for everyone from the kids/grandkids to your co-workers. You can even pick...
1485276559 box assorted chocolate 24 style shot 2016
Business gifts are not just for year-end/holidays. Throughout the year business gifts are a great way to recognize: employees, celebrate company milestones, acknowledge business referrals and thank customers for their business. Check out our blog for more details: http://ow.ly/YNhw308j7yq. ...

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