Business Gift Service
Tuesday Jul 12th - Aug 11th, 2016
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We offer a chocolate business gift service. We can produce and ship a single box or a thousand. We will include your personalized message. Our chocolates are a great way to thank business referral sources, key customers or simply someone who provided some unexpected help with a business problem. After receiving chocolate gift from The Happy Chocolatier, your business associates will certainly remember how much you appreciate them. Our chocolates also make excellent gifts to recognize employees (birthdays, company milestones, promotions, etc.) or to simply give the staff a "pick-me-up" at any time. Chocolate really does bring some happiness!
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Our flagship store is located in Acton, MA on 340 Great Road on the corner of Routes 2 and 27. In addition to our chocolates, we offer a tasty selection of locally made ice cream flavors which are ...(more)