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Far infrared is very helpful for healing the skin, blood circulation, and skin cell revitalizing.

Benefits include: gives a superlative massage, reduces tension and stress, improves blood circulation, burn calories and controls weight, removes body toxins, relieves back neck and leg pain, boosts your immune system, Loosens muscle and joint tightness, fortifies cardiovascular system, increases lymphatic flow, reduces Inflammation and infection, restores proper spinal alignment, and increases energy and vigor.

Far infrared heat is a safe, radiant form of energy that heats objects directly. A typical source is sunlight (not to be confused with harmful UV rays). We also produce it ourselves. When our far infrared heat is high, we feel healthy, energetic able to overcome ailments. When it declines we become prone to illnesses and aging. The Back flex automatic thermal Massage Bed uses rollers of high quality germanium that produce concentrated far infrared rays when heated. This soothing warmth spreads through the body to produce the many health benefits.

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Lesly Perez from Integrated Wellness Center
Lesly Perez