Cooking with Yogurt
Tuesday Apr 14th 6:30pm-8:30pm, 2015
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There is more to yogurt than just a breakfast staple– it can be a healthy ingredient to make vinaigrettes creamier, sauces to accompany roasted vegetables or greens and fish; lassis (drinks), tenderizing marinades, delicious desserts and more. In this class, we'll show all the healthy ways to incorporate yogurt into your appetizers, dinners, lunches and desserts and we'll enjoy our samples.* Menu will include: Yogurt Parfait, Lassis, Tzatiki dip and sauce, Avocado yogurt spread, Spring salad with a mint yogurt dressing, Roasted vegetables with curried yogurt, Tandoori chicken skewers, and a surprise dessert. Our instructor for this class is Catherine Walthers, a private chef in the Boston area and on Martha’s Vineyard where she has a teaching kitchen and gives cooking classes throughout the year. $50 per participant Registration required Call 978 263 1955 *this class will not include yogurt making instruction
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