Way of the Mantis - Staff Combatives
Friday Jul 18th - Jul 20th, 2014
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In this weekend long immersion, participants will explore in-depth, the combative nature of the wooden staff; the Kung Fu weapon the Chinese consider the 'grandfather' of all weapons. Students will learn to wield a 6 foot staff - blocking, parrying, disarming, and striking. 'Feel the grain come to life in your hands as the staff spins nimbly in your fingers. Hear it whir through the air and crack like thunder as it clashes with another staff.' Throughout the training, students and their peers, will reinforce the staff versus staff fighting methods they have learned, while having the opportunity to experiment with using the staff versus other types of common and uncommon weapons - knife, spear, sword, bat, etc. *No experience required. **Participants must provide their own 6ft. Rattan or Waxwood Staff, or one can be ordered for you. You must place the order before the deadline - July 3rd.
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