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About Us

Offer Supplemental benefits: Accident, critical illness, cancer, hospital, and life.

Ensuring that business owners maintains and retains good and loyal employees.

How We Got Started

To help people to avoid, going into bankruptcy due to a serious accident or a critical illness. Number one reason for bankruptcy is Cancer.

Our Ideal Customer

My Ideal customer would be a business owner that want to keep good and loyal employees.

Our Team
Rosy Puckett Alford from Allstate Benefits
Rosy Puckett Alford
Independent Agent
Products & Services

Accident supplemental insurance

Pays you if you are injured on or off the job. So you can pay everyday bills.

Individual Cancer and Specified disease insurance

By offering this Cancer and Specified Disease Insurance (CP12) product, you give your employees additional nancial support against the exorbitant cost of cancer and other speci ed diseases. This insurance may allow employees with a cancer diagnosis to be able to: • Protect medical savings...
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