Our Ideal Customer

My ideal customer is someone who has a growth-based vision for their business, who understands why they need superior, scalable Software. Lets meet for coffee or craft beer and brainstorm!

About Us

If your business needs Software (Web / Mobile / Enterprise), please talk to me. If nothing, at least you can be sure you get honest opinion and direction from me - for free. We build Software. We control cost by using hybrid on-shore / off-shore model. We partner with you and get the job done.

How We Got Started

Had another business that only focused on Genetics Lab Info Systems. I am now responding to customer requests to branch out into entrepreneurial support software across domains.

Top Forum Activity
Hafiz Hassan answered What’s the Best Way to Acquire Local Customers?
8 days ago • 30 Likes • 1 Reply
Word of mouth referrals have an element of trust associated with it, that an advertisement cannot provide. Someone has had a good experience working with you directly and he/she trusts your... (more)
Hafiz Hassan answered I'm Getting Ready to "Pull the Trigger" and Outsource a...
14 days ago • 3 Replies
Bill, you have not specified what service you are outsourcing. I would recommend that you make sure that there is accountability locally and direction is set clearly from the US. (more)
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Hafiz Hassan
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