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creating architectural renderings & animations to help make clear visual expressions of the project goals. 40 years of architectural design & working drawing experience in commercial & residential architecture.



Dream Animation

Doing basic visualizing of dreams for dreamers who would like to see their dreams animated into video content in order to help bring these dream ideas from concept to physical reality.
Businesses We Recommend
A very solid good honest reliable business that we can depend on.
Pure Water Technologies, Albuquerque NM
Pure Water Technologies
Albuquerque NM • 1.5 mi away
The Pure Water Store is owned & operated by Carl Hime. Carl has been in the business of designing, creating & installing quality water systems for residential & commercial use. As a result of his expertise - Pure Water Technologies provides the highest quality water to its customers. Carl is most helpful & willing to share his vast knowledge. I feel that the 10 years that I have been drinking this Pure water has contributed to my good health.
Karen's vast experience, wisdom & skill in her teaching of movement therapy practice combines the healing art forms of Physical Therapy, Feldenkrais®, Hakomi™, Qi Gong, and Yoga and truly helps to transform lives in amazing beneficial ways.
Dr Lad & the staff & students & events & classes & the book store are a precious center for those of us who wish to heal from illness & learn how to live in the most beneficial of ways.
to help make for a wholesome, healthy place to welcome all to gather & participate in the arts while sharing of talents & delicious edible delights to help stimulate & grow the potentials of our community.
  • Albuquerque, NM 87111
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Nicholas Truske from Future Animated Dreams
Nicholas Truske