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About Us

TIME is something that we all have, need, and waste. The question is: why do we waste what we need?

My job as a consultant is to get to the bottom of it, and figure out a way to transform that wasted time into productive time.

In order to do that, we first need to get to the root of the problem. When evaluating your business strategy, I apply lean thinking to record each step in your flowchart and construct a separate value-stream map. Your processes and tools can be analyzed for time reductions and non-value added steps.

I then develop, implement, and train any process improvement tools you may need, which includes items such as automation software, training materials, or a functional website.

When you save time, you save money. When you save money, you improve your bottom line. That is my end game.

To learn more about how I (representing GRW Consulting) can save you time and money more specifically, visit our website at www.gogrw.com, or simply give me a call at 505-967-3097. We conduct work nationwide, and the first consultation is always free.

Our Ideal Customer

Businesses that have 10-200 employees and under $2M in revenue per location. Our ideal customer wants to increase their profits, whether they have issues or not, because they understand that there is always room for advancements. When you meet our potential customers, they might be looking for ways to save money on labor and COGS, improve productivity, and/or restore consistency. They might even seem overwhelmed or disorganized. There might be mentions of needing manuals in HR, or a website that is more functional and up-to-date. Perhaps they're fantasizing about their computers automatically performing tasks for them. We can make these things happen, and we work with our clients to make sure they can afford it.

Our Team
Michael Gandy from GRW Consulting, LLC
Michael Gandy
Managing Member / Business Consultant
Products & Services

Retail Consulting

Are your COGS out of control? Are your managers struggling with keeping labor under budget? How does your staff handle complaints? We have the solutions.

Restaurant Consulting

Is your food cost through the roof? Are your floor managers spending too much time in the office? Are you ready for online ordering? We can improve your controllables!

General Services Consulting

Are you wasting money on appointment cancellations? Do you feel like you’re spending more money than you’re making? We’ll minimize your expenses.

Contractor Consulting

Are you wasting too much time on subcontractor invoicing? Does your team actually know what is expected of them? See how GRW can help!

School Consulting

Are you suffering from a lack of funding or constant complaints from parents? We can help minimize the panic by reducing expenses and improving workflow.

Human Resources Consulting

Are you spending too much time and money on training? When was the last time your policies have been updated? We have the tools that your HR needs.
Businesses We Recommend
If you want to outsource your payroll, Baseline Payroll is the way to go! They have great prices and great service!
Assistance with reading and comprehension for children and adults. Instant results using colored overlays. Very effective and highly recommended!
If you have sensitive physical documents that you want to convert to a searchable digital format, Documents Imaging of the Southwest is who we recommend. They ensure a safe and secure process while providing honesty and transparency.
If your establishment needs great-looking furniture, start by giving Bonnie a call! She is a dealer for multiple companies, and can guide you through their catalogs to make sure you find what you're looking for. She's honest and passionate about what she does!
If you or one of your clients need telecom assistance, Arthur with Connections Wizards is your go-to guy. From company phones to GPS trackers, he's got you covered!
David Hansen is like a crime scene investigator, but for a company's financials. He and his company are extremely knowledgeable and great at what they do. Keep them in your back pocket for all your supplementary CFO needs.
Ioana is such a lovely person! If you are a wine drinker, you'll appreciate her passion for wines and VinDacia.
Office Alternatives has affordable monthly membership services to assist you and your business. They can answer the phone for you when you're out of town, accept mail and packages for you, allow you to use meeting and training space, and much more. Give them a call and set up a time to take a tour for free!
If you or one of your clients needs funding, but can't get a loan from the bank, give Benjamin a call. The Loan Fund works with small businesses all over the state, and they offer additional services that will help you grow your business in the process.
Is your organization suffering from poor communication? Do you have a highly sensitive situation that needs professional mediation? Kelly specializes in handling conflicts that prevent your business from moving forward.
If your team is having difficulty hiring quality talent, or if your HR department is struggling, Jeff Gruber can help give you the guidance you need.
Since joining a few months ago, I have met dozens of business owners face-to-face. Alignable sort of "forces" people to connect by suggesting options that start the conversation. The Ask & Learn section is a great way to help each other grow as well.
I have known the folks at Retail Data Systems (RDS) in Albuquerque for years, and they have done an amazing job on installations and support. If you need a POS system, start by giving Don Schleisman a call!
Phenomenal PR Consultant! I recommend speaking with Susan prior to risking your money on advertising that you think is going to help you. She can help you come up a game plan that will actually improve your bottom line. Very knowledgeable and gets things done quickly.
Top Forum Activity
Michael Gandy answered How Do I Bottle and Sell My Own Spicy Sauce?
2 months ago • 5 Likes • 2 Replies
Well, you can't just start bottling it and selling it. There are local and federal regulations that you need to abide by. There are bottling manufacturers that can do it all for you, but you... (more)
Michael Gandy answered How Do You Use Mobile Technology in Your Business to Help...
2 months ago • 2 Likes
Several ways. 1.) I use an app called MileIQ that automatically tracks and calculates mileage for tax season. 2.) I use an app called Smart Receipts to "scan" and log receipts as they happen... (more)
Michael Gandy answered Besides Making the Actual Hire, What's the One Thing You...
3 months ago • 2 Likes
Putting the right people in the right place! A lot of people don't truly understand what kinds of behaviors are required for the position they're hiring for. There is a tool that matches behaviors... (more)
Michael Gandy answered As a Small Business Owner, Is Having an Attorney on...
3 months ago • 2 Likes
We subscribed to LegalShield for Business to get basic legal advice, contract review, etc. It's well worth the few dollars per month for smaller cases. For the larger and more delicate situations... (more)
Michael Gandy answered Do Unclear Writing, Misspellings and Poor Grammar on...
about 1 month ago • 1 Like
Absolutely. Few and common mistakes can be ignored, but when they consistently misuse the words "there," "their," and "they're," it's difficult to trust that they're educated enough to do anything... (more)
Michael Gandy answered Consultants, Have You Taken the Disc Profile, Myers...
about 2 months ago • 1 Like
I have taken the DiSC, Myers-Briggs (MBTI), and Predictive Index (PI). For me, the DiSC profile didn't seem very specific, and I felt that it wasn't entirely accurate. The MBTI and the PI are much... (more)
Michael Gandy answered What Do You Look for in a Bookkeeper?
about 2 months ago • 1 Like
Experience alone does nothing for me. It's what the person does with that experience that makes me want to work with them. I look for actual expertise that can be proven, attention to detail,... (more)
Michael Gandy answered Web Designers, Do Your Clients Also Request Online...
about 2 months ago • 1 Like
We get people asking if we will manage their social media for them, which we don't do. That's about it. What exactly are you referring to? (more)
Michael Gandy answered As a Business Owner, What Are Your Frustrations and Loss...
2 months ago • 1 Like
I don't have employees with dyslexia; however, I can make a recommendation that you might or might not be familiar with. There was a study done that found 46% of people with dyslexia actually... (more)
Michael Gandy answered How Do You Interview to Find Employees That Will Become...
2 months ago • 1 Like
I recommend using the Predictive Index (PI) Behavioral Assessment. It's a very simple questionnaire that identifies a person's natural tendencies and drives, which you can match to the behaviors... (more)
Michael Gandy answered What Has Your Experience Been With Your Website Being...
2 months ago • 1 Like
A lot of our clients are older and still learning how to use smartphones. I find them getting to non-mobile-ready websites on their phones and not realizing that they can actually zoom in. The... (more)
Michael Gandy answered When You Interview People, Do You Make Them Fill Out an...
3 months ago • 1 Like
I always suggest both. The resume and cover letter will show you how much attention to detail they have, and gives them the opportunity to show off their character and technical skills.... (more)
Michael Gandy answered Advice On Managing The Streamlining Of Promotions Across...
4 months ago • 1 Like
There are several ways to automate social media postings. You can use services like dlvr.it, IFTTT, or HootSuite to auto-share articles based on keyword and/or post across multiple platforms. For... (more)
Michael Gandy answered Best Tool To Acquire Clients In Real Estate?
4 months ago • 1 Like
I'm not sure if this helps with generating leads, but it can certainly help with identifying property owners that you're wanting to reach out to. It's an android app that allows you to explore maps... (more)
Michael Gandy answered What Frustrates You About WordPress?
3 months ago • 1 Like • 3 Replies
I agree with Mindy. I prefer to work with WordPress; however, WordPress updates their versions after making minor changes that 9 times of 10 do not "actually" effect the site itself. So, if I want... (more)
Michael Gandy answered What Was the Most Impactful Promotional Product You Have...
3 months ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
Our company consults with businesses on process improvement. When we went to a Chamber meeting, we saw everybody trying to juggle dozens of fliers and business cards while attempting to network. We... (more)
Michael Gandy answered Can You Share Any Office Safety Tips?
3 months ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
What kind of safety are you teaching? Preventing accidents like slip and falls? Preventing illness and disease? How to put out a fire and come up with an escape route? What to do if you're robbed... (more)
Michael Gandy answered Do You Have Advice On The Mobile Fingerprinting Business?
4 months ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
I'm in New Mexico, but I would imagine this could be a lucrative business if you partnered with Conceal Carry instructors. They have classes weekly, and people trying to get licenses need to get... (more)
Michael Gandy answered How Do You Manage Your Inbox?
4 months ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
I primarily use Gmail, which allows me set up different labels for different topics, such as "Family," "Clients," "Partners," "Newsletter Topic 1," "Newsletter Topic 2," etc. Then I create filters... (more)
Michael Gandy asked Consultants, How Are You Demonstrating Your Service to...
about 1 month ago • 1 Reply
We've all heard the phrase, "don't trust a skinny cook." I know many phenomenal skinny cooks (my wife being one of them), but that's beside the point. The point of the saying is that you shouldn't... (more)

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