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I am currently looking for business in New Mexico and beyond that are interested in obtaining highly professional and relevant security consulting that is low-profile, effective, and sensitive to the organizations needs. We specialize in Active Threat Response training, OSHA policy review and compliance recommendations, crime prevention and avoidance, non-violent conflict resolution, customer communication, emergency medicine, site security assessments and recommendations, and self-defense.

In addition, I am looking for motivated and concerned individuals seeking the latest, most contextual, and most complete self-defense training available. We specialize in teaching Concealed Carry Licensing courses, Unarmed Self-Defense, Tactical/Range Emergency Medicine, Personal Protection, and all levels of skill in any firearm system.

About Us

At Intelligent Survival Research, we take a practical approach to self-defense training and corporate security consulting. Through rigorous research and field testing, our instructors bring you the most relevant and contextual information and skills possible. Our evidence based approach means that we are constantly adapting and evolving to ensure the efficacy of our product. Unlike many others in the industry, we never rest on our laurels. Our instructors are subject matter experts in their fields and are currently applying their knowledge in the real world. In addition, they are constantly attending advanced training schools to enhance their skill set and teaching capabilities. Delivering our clients effective techniques and tactics for survival is our passion. We do this by ensuring what we teach works. How do we know it works? We use it.

Contact us or visit abq-isr.com to find out more about our extensive backgrounds, exciting courses, and valuable services.

How We Got Started

After years of working as a Director of Training for a multi-million dollar company, I saw an opportunity to do something amazing. I decided to take my years of experience in emergency medicine, martial arts, law enforcement, and competition and provide private, public, and governmental clients with the most relevant and contextual training possible. Accumulating tens of thousands of hour in law enforcement, military, and civilian training academies, I found a unique ability to communicate the right information and training that is specifically tailored to each clients' needs. In addition, I was perfectly positioned to provide any type of training to any client due to my extensive connections in the law enforcement and special operations communities. After two amazing years, we have a seen many clients around the nation and look forward to impressing you!

Conflict Resolution and Employee Safety Training

One of the most effective ways to increase productivity and reduce turn-over in your organization is to promote safety and effective communication between management, staff, and customers. We utilize our years of law enforcement and conflict resolution experience to enhance your organization’s...
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