Our Ideal Customer

"Ideal customers"...plural. We cater to a range of clients, from visitors to the southwest who want some information before being overwhelmed with all the "turquoise" and other objects out there. Then, beginning collectors who are interested in learning before and as they purchase. And, seasoned, knowledgeable collectors who appreciate the interesting and unusual in our collections.

About Us

Coming up on eighteen years in Old Town, finding and selling collector to museum quality antiques, jewelry and objects. More ethnographic than not, we carry various authentic tribal pieces, including Native American from across North America, but especially the Southwestern pueblos, Navajo, Zuni and Hopi, pottery, jewelry, textiles, fabrics and regalia. Then, antique Mexican and New Mexican pieces, including art, furniture, cultural pieces and regional items including Fred Harvey and railroad related. World arts and objects including Asian, Indonesian, and folk art from anywhere. We're always happy to answer any question and educate if you are interested. And, we sell wonderful things.

How We Got Started

In the 1990s, I went back to school to finish my undergraduate degree (biology, anthropology and art history) at UNM. I decided to go on to complete a master's in art history. Finishing that in my 40s, I wondered how to use the degree and pay back my student loans, I opened Old Town Antiques. With a background in studio art as well, I thought all that education ought to be useful so, Old Town Antiques was born. In three different locations, I've invited like-minded dealers to add their pieces and presence to the Shop. So, Old Town Antiques continues to be an interesting mixture of different peoples' outlook and taste.


We love to allow people to handle objects in order to learn. From old pottery to textiles, hands-on is educational.
Businesses We Recommend
Extremely knowledgeable, sells quality items, excellent reputation.
Our Team
Connie Fulwyler from Old Town Antiques
Connie Fulwyler