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Commercial Customers I work with business customers all over New Mexico bringing information regarding our business deposit products as well as our commercial lending products. We specialize in commercial real estate owner occupied and investor as well as equipment loans lines of credit business vehicle loans and much more. Contact me at (505) 256-6080 or Teresa.bridges@sandia.org

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My name is Teresa Bridges, I am the Commercial Services Officer with Sandia Area Federal Credit Union in Albuquerque. I work with Business in New Mexico bringing information on our Commercial deposit products such as business checking, savings, money market, CD's online banking, merchant services, and much more. As well we offer Commercial/Business lending such as Commercial owner occupied and investor Real Estate, equipment loans, business vehicle loans, business credit cards, lines of credit, acquisition loans and more. I would be very interested in scheduling a business appointment to go over your business banking and lending and see if we could help you out. We are a Non Profit local credit union with Exceptional rates and terms as well as amazing customer service with direct Business banking relationship and local decision making with local underwriting. Thank you for your time. Teresa Bridges (505)256-6080 teresa.bridges@sandia.org

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I have been in banking for 23 years. I enjoy the values of Old School Banking. Relationship is very important. Working closely with your Business customer's and being available to them is necessary. I work hard for my customer's working on their Business banking and lending needs.

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Good afternoon my name is Teresa Bridges, I am the Commercial Services Officer for Sandia Area Federal Credit Union. I work with many local business's regarding their banking and lending. we have amazing deposit and lending products to fit every need. Give me a call let's schedule an...

Commercial Services Officer

Commercial Business checking savings money market ACH merchant services credit cards commercial lending commercial real estate owner occupied and investor equipment Lending commercial vehicle loans and many other commercial products
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I have worked with ExHib-It for years they have always been very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend this company. DJ is amazing.
Have worked with Maxine in the past, Wonderful Company and owners.
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Teresa Bridges answered Do You Find Paying for Social Media Marketing Works And...
about 1 month ago
Media does work if it is done in a right way, showing how it will benefit the customer. It also depends on what type of media you do, radio, tv, mail. If you do mail know who this is going to and... (more)
Teresa Bridges answered Financial Services Professionals, What Are the Most...
about 2 months ago
Networking as much as you can. Typically events are in the evening. Get out mingle with other business owners, have plenty of business cards. Call each business, The key to Sales Statistics is:... (more)
Teresa Bridges answered Is Facebook Advertising Cost Effective for Service...
about 2 months ago
It has worked well for me. I usually check into the B2B networking. there are many other sites as well that work quite well. I feel it is all in how you deliver the message. Hope this helps. (more)

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