Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer is one with a clear need; a problem or challenge that will require the investment of high technology in order to solve issues of a confounding nature. We are all experts in our own way. We are here to provide experts outside of our field with expertise from our systems.

About Us

We are specialists in dimensional works. From UAV Geographic terrain mapping to 3D Game character development. From full 3D simulation to medium scale 3D Printing. From Large format 3D scanning to interactive 3D presentations. We live in a 3D world, take advantage of it!

How We Got Started

A twenty five year veteran of spacial and temporal design, the founder decided to test the market of Albuquerque New Mexico for interests in highly technical design. Starting in 1992 with some of the most basic 3D applications, we have grown to a position of expertise. Now using only proprietary methods and machines we are capable of creating solutions for any industrial sector. From 3D printed floor plans to viable functional products to interactive training.

3D Design and simulation

UVW Mapping? Animation? Character modeling? Physics based, hard maths, true 4D simulation. Does your client want to walk into a building and turn on the lights before the building is built? Do you want to make a video game but lack the resources? Welcome to TEE3D and all things dimensional. We...
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