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About Us

We sell real estate improvements. Real Estate * Construction Representation * Property Development -- Not only will we help you find the perfect property for your family or business, but we also connect the perfect loan for your needs. Our helpful and reliable staff always put their customer needs first before our bottom line so you are happy and secure in your sale or new purchase.

How We Got Started

"Fix and Flip" properties in working order have been sold/leased without substantial improvements. However substantial improvements yield more attractive spaces that garner greater offers and attract longer term lessees. With F.O.C.U.S. Consultations rebuilds always fit within budget.

Our Ideal Customer

Whether yours is in your home or in your business operation, investors must own their real estate improvements to increase profitability and longevity. Be it for garnering equity or for acquiring new more affluent tenants, capital improvements are comprehensive cares to real estate that is tantamount to all new tires are for an automobile.

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