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About Us

Persimmony International, Inc. has been developing software solutions for education, government, human services and healthcare organizations since 2002. We build easy-to-use Internet-based data systems and are experts at migrating existing data from one online vendor to another, guaranteeing data integrity and timeliness of migration.

Persimmony, headed by President and CTO Michael Kogus, has its corporate offices in Aliso Viejo, California. We are a technology company of the 21st Century. All of Persimmony’s data solutions are proprietary software products developed by Persimmony and hosted at our Latisys (http://www.latisys.com).

Persimmony data solutions are known for their easy-to-use interface, robust SQL back-end database, and rich programming that marries the two with an unlimited number of reports and charts to ensure that nurses can ‘get data out of the system’ just as easy as they can ‘enter data into the system’.

Our intuitive Setup Screen allows our clients to independently change local variables and add an unlimited number of surveys, all on the fly. Whether on your laptop, iPad, or mobile phone’s PDA, Persimmony’s online data solution provides its clients with a secure online data management system that can be easily accessed at the point of service.

Our Team
Michael Kogus from Persimmony International Inc
Michael Kogus