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About Us

Cape House Books publishes quality memoirs to move and inspire you. These first-person stories, available in all formats, illuminate how the human spirit rises to meet life’s challenges.

Our other imprint features wisdom books by credentialed experts who share what they know to help you live your best life.

We are a collaborative publishing house that uses the latest new-fangled technologies but remains committed to old-fashioned quality and service.

How We Got Started

This literary press is dedicated to the memory of Joan Helen Ash, mother and mother-in-law of its founders, Bill and Lorraine Ash.

It is named after the home she owned atop a bluff on Stage Island in Chatham on Cape Cod. Full-length windows on the first floor offered a dazzling view of Nantucket Sound.

Joan used to go there every September and, after she retired, lived there eleven years with her best friend from college, also a widow. They always invited their children and grandchildren to visit. “Come on!” they’d say. “Come up to the Cape house!”

Anyone who visited the Cape house re-entered the rush of life refreshed and recharged. This publishing venture invokes all the good things we associate with Joan’s Cape house — expansive horizons, brilliant colors, and the serenity and perspective that come from taking time out to think, explore, and read.

Our Ideal Customer

Are you an individual with a compelling first-person story to tell? Or are you an entrepreneur, professional or professor with a big idea to share in book form?

Then check out Cape House Books.

We love authors and we honor your work. With us, you'll get top-notch personalized and professional services while avoiding the hassle of going either the traditional or self publishing routes.

At Cape House we deliver quality editing and design, high royalty rates, and another rare commodity: publicity. Our team can boost your book with a variety of online and offline methods, depending on your goals. We even have an in-house publicist.

Our Team
Lorraine Ash from Cape House Books
Lorraine Ash
Editorial Director
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What distinguishes Cape House: Enthusiastic, sincere interest in the extraordinary stories of ordinary people; decades of editing experience; commitment to beautiful book design; unique and financially intelligent partnerships; multiple income streams for each title; high royalty rates; honest...
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CHP Communications, LLC,
CHP Communications, LLC
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