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Pet Sitting Service to care for your pets in the comfort of your own home!

Dog Walking and Running Service to give your dogs the exercise they need!

Outings to the Anchorage Dog Parks and Trails. And Waste Removal!

How We Got Started

I love working and playing with dogs and pets. There are so many people with pets in Anchorage who could use a little help.

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Adam Stuart from 3 H Services
Adam Stuart
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Group Dog Exercise and Social

Two, three, four and sometimes up to five dogs get picked up and taken to the nearest dog park for exercise and socializing. Each dog gets direct attention with commands and rewards. Yummy Chummies are a favorite treat for most dogs to keep their senses attuned. All dogs get rewarded with praise...
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Adam Stuart answered What Is the Best Way for a Pet Care Professional to...
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Talk with your clients as you build a relationship with them about word of mouth being your best advertising and thank them for spreading the word. (more)