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About Us

Founded in 2017, Third Coast Aviation LLC (herein referred to as ‘TCA’) is a Federal Aviation Administration (‘FAA’) Part 61 aviation school providing pilot certification classes and private aircraft charters out of the Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport in Angleton, Texas (‘LBX’). There is an increasing need for first-class flight training, aircraft rental and private aircraft charter.

How We Got Started

Tony and Robert were intrigued by the current pilot shortage and in conjunction with an early business partner, created Third Coast Aviation LLC in order to work on that shortage.

Our Ideal Customer

Someone who has always been interested in flying.

Our Team
Robert Rhodes from Third Coast Aviation
Robert Rhodes
Stacey Bird from Third Coast Aviation
Stacey Bird
Director of Admissions
Tony Boulanger from Third Coast Aviation
Tony Boulanger
James Rhodes from Third Coast Aviation
James Rhodes
Summer Marketing Intern
Products & Services

Discovery Flights

Take your first flight lesson hour, determine if you have what it takes to enjoy learning to fly.

Flight instruction

Flight lessons with one of our Piper aircraft and a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).

Aerial Observation & Survey

TCA provides aerial observation & survey flight services from our headquarters at the Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport in Brazoria County, Texas (LBX). These services entail flight services provided by our staff of FAA licensed commercial pilots in our fleet of aircraft based at LBX and Pearland...

Ground School

TCA wants our students to be prepared before you get into the air with our classroom based ground school program. Taught by pilots with thousands of flight hours, our TCA Ground School helps you get prepared for FAA required pilots' test while also ensuring that you are a safe and competent...
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Past Events & Promotions
Third Coast Aviation LLC (‘TCA‘), in partnership with Brazosport College, has an upcoming Ground Course class offering in its “Come Learn to Fly with Us…” series.  The Ground Course is a 20 hour course that prepares students for required U.S. Federal Aviation Administration written tests, as well...
Third Coast Aviation LLC (‘TCA‘), in partnership with Brazosport College, has an upcoming Ground Course class offering in its “Come Learn to Fly with Us…” series.  The Ground Course is a 20 hour course that prepares students for required U.S. Federal Aviation Administration written tests, as well...
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