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About Us

We provide highly effective and targeted direct mail marketing to build your B2C or B2B business. Local Community Blast offers nearly 100% visibility, and category exclusivity to advertisers, to reach 5,000 consumer households in your market area.

Our new B2B Blast is a separate program that is mailed to 5,000 business owners in a zone.

Both are very affordable and effective for the business that wants to reach their target customers in a local area.

Our Ideal Customer

1. B2C companies that want greater visibility to consumers in the local market, whether to promote a new location, their brand, products and services, or to provide special offers to bring customers in.

2. B2B companies that want to promote their products and services to 5,000 local business owners.

Our Team
Jim McElroy from Local Community Blast
Jim McElroy
Marketing Director
Products & Services

Direct Mail to Homeowners

High impact direct mail postcards to 5,000 homes in your local market. Get instant visibility and drive more business. Cost is shared among 9 or 10 non-competing businesses.

B2B Blast reaches 5,000 Local Business Owners

B2B Blast is a new, direct mail advertising program that is perfect to help grow your business. Imagine your full color, glossy ad in an attractive, trifold brochure, landing on the desk of 5,000 local business owners up to 4 times per year. That sounds impossibly expensive, doesn't it? Not...