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About Us

I help Moms with Sensitive kids learn how to best support their children, so that they stop feeling like a failure as a parent. My program is called Succeed with your Sensitive Child. I offer a exclusive one on one program and membership. I incorporate everything I am gifted it doing and mold them into helping these children in need of direction.

How We Got Started

My business is all about is about helping kids that are sensitive that don't have an outlet to turn to and mothers who are the nurturers and the givers of life teaching them and giving them the skills on how to better take care of their gifted children. Because as a child when I told my mother about my gifts she then turned around and said that it was evil I was evil and I need to shut the shit off. After that I became a very reclusive depressed child. And it wasn't until I was an adult when I fully completely embraced my gifts. So its been my mission to help these Mothers to better nurture and support them and to help and mentor these children to learn and accept themselves

Our Ideal Customer

My ideal clients are sensitive children and their Mothers. Sensitive meaning gifted intuitive empathic, kids that don't fit in, don't feel like they belong, don't want to be here, feel weird and uncomfortable in their own skin, etc etc. Taking them from feeling "not normal" to being confident. And then training coaching teaching the Mothers on how to care for their sensitive children so they go from feeling like a failure to succeeding.

Our Team
Liza Lomax from Liza Lomax-Succeed With Your Sensitive Child
Liza Lomax
mentor and intuitive coach
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Moms of Sensitive Kids

Please join me and other Moms just like you on my free Facebook page. Its soul purpose for this group is to get you a together for support and for sharing with one another. You all have sensitive children and I understand that it can be extremely tough. I encourage you all to share your...
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