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About Us

Certified Organic Growers of Live Food -- Wheatgrass and Microgreens, grown in rich fertile soil, year-round. We grow microgreens, micro-salad mixes and wheatgrass for retail and wholesale. We supply New England, NY and beyond.

How We Got Started

We wanted to grow organic super food for our family. Turns out, LOTS of people LOVE microgreens and wheatgrass, so we GROW A LOT of mini but mighty microgreens - to feed the world!

Our Ideal Customer

Fine grocers, discerning chefs, juice bars, vegetarians, clean eaters and distributors to these.

Our Team
Ashley and John from 2 Friends Farm
Ashley and John
Founding Friends
Products & Services

Greens for Home Delivery or Farm Pick-up

Order and pay online, we will deliver to your home or you can make an appointment to pick up at the farm! http://www.2friendsfarmfresh2you.com/About-Fres...