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About Us

Keva Events is your Rhode Island mobile DJ and MC for your parties, events and Bar/Pub DJ nights.

We provide mobile DJ services for parties, events and bars/pubs in the Rhode Island area. If you need a dependable, professional DJ in the Rhode Island area at a price that won't force you to sacrifice other elements of your events, Keva Events is your solution. As your Rhode Island mobile DJ, we play all genres of music including, but not limited to Top 40, Dance, Motown and Country music.

We created Keva Events as a way to offer our talent and passion about music to a section of the market of event holders, event planners, promoters and venue owners with a mind for a working budget for DJ/MC services in the Rhode Island area. With a focus on quality music, integrity in business practices and a standard of professionalism, we strive to bring the Rhode Island area DJing/MCing skills to those who realize that you don't have to break the bank to get great music and DJing/MCing for your event, party or bar/pub DJ night.

As your Rhode Island DJ for parties, events and bar/pub DJ nights, we specialize in EDM/Club Music.

We feature breakbeat, house and drum n bass genres. These types of music provide high energy during the dance portion of your event. As music provider DJ Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler, gets the party rocking with flawless mixing from track to track with an overall feel for the dance floor to maintain a healthy ebb and flow with a set that is catered completely individualized for your event.

For quieter times, we deliver as a DJ downtempo/chillout and electronica. These genres are laid back and relaxed. The mixing and track selection provides a smooth and mellow groove excellent for a backdrop for non-dancing parts of your event. Hearing background music with a bit of substance can be a great addition to these types of moments throughout the course of your event.

Musical selection is all up to you as the client. You tell us what you want to hear and more importantly, what you don’t want to hear. Do you have a specific song you want played? We have it. Do you NOT want EDM/Club music at your event? We got you covered with more traditional genres of music. If one of your guests requests a song, we will do our best to work it in, depending on the outline we as your Rhode Island mobile DJ have mapped out with you, our client, beforehand.

Every track played at your event has a purpose. As a Rhode Island mobile DJ, we think about what track is perfect for that exact moment in the course of your event. We understand what tracks will pack the dance floor and, as a Rhode Island DJ, we can read the crowd and begin tailoring the musical selection to get the best reaction from the crowd.

We can slowly warm your crowd up by incrementally increasing the energy of songs and build into a solid dance floor. We could also just play hit after hit to keep your dance floor moving. For events where dancing is not a part, we can play any genre to suit the needs of the event.

How We Got Started

Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler, has over 15 years DJing experience. In 2001 he started playing out in the DC/MD/VA areas as a breakbeat DJ. As his musical knowledge advanced, his genre preferences started to shift. By 2007, he was playing Breaks, House, Trance and some DnB. He then progressed into downtempo/deep house/chill out tracks and mixes. He finally started mixing all types of genres including, but not limited to Top 40, Country, Hip Hop, Disco and Motown.

Beginning with a set genre allowed DJ Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler - your Rhode Island mobile DJ, to learn about musical structure and how to mix two tracks seamlessly. Once this groundwork had been laid, he understood how to mix tracks from any genre with mixing, cutting and dropping in songs so as not to allow the energy and vibe to get lost in transition.

He now resides in Attleboro and works solely as a Mobile DJ providing music at many different venues in the Rhode Island area.

Our Ideal Customer

We are looking for potential clients that are in need of great music for their event without having a huge impact on the bottom line.

Our Team
Bryan Fowler from Keva Events
Bryan Fowler
Upcoming Events & Promotions
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DJ/MC Services

We are a small DJ/MC service for hire in the Rhode Island/MA area. We cater mostly towards small to mid-sized events and bars/pubs for DJ nights. We can DJ all genres of music for your event and have MC skills to interact during the event. We specialize in EDM/Club music which we have over 15...

Keva Events

Keva Events is now targeting the EDM/Club music portion of the marketplace in RI/MA. We provide all types of music for your event, but if you want something your guests can really cut loose with, our EDM/Club services from Keva Events is what you need.

New downtempo mix

I have recently released a new dj mix. It is a downtempo/deep house mix. You can check it out here: https://hearthis.at/notapplicable-ws/pastlessons/
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Keva Events has updated and redesigned our website which now includes a blog. You can check out the website here: http://www.kevaevents.com You can visit the blog here: http://www.kevaevents.com/booth/
Funky Breaks Podcast - a weekly mixshow highlighting the best of yesterday's breakbeats. Mixed by DJ Not Applicable https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/bring-dat-f...
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