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Get Your Non-Fiction Book Started for FREE!

Go to ProduceMyBook.com.com a FREE video series and mini-manual called "The Method In You" where you will discover your G.E.M. (Genuine Expert Method) and simple steps for outlining your first book project!

Produce My Book is hired by new professional speakers, business coaches, sports leaders, business owners, therapists and anyone else with a proven method to translate their method into a book form. Our books are typically produced within 6 weeks...And, the author never types a word of their manuscript!

Specifically, we work WITH you to:

1. Choose a book topic that you are already familiar with and assure the topic is one that readers want to buy.

2. Craft your method into a sequence of steps.

Then WE:

3. "Extract" the details from you using a series of deep-dive interviews.

4. Transcribe the recordings into words.

5. Massage the content into readable book format.

6. Edit the book.

7. Prepare the book for Kindle (ebook) and Create Space (print-on-demand)

8. Design the book cover.

9. Write your sales copy.

10. Post the book for sale.

Additional services are available for us to implement your "Best Seller" book launch or we can simply provide you the steps.

How We Got Started

After 20 years providing web marketing services to clients through my umbrella company, Here Next Year, LLC, I launched R50 Books as a new division to focus on producing non-fiction books. Recently, we have rebranded this name into what better describes what we do with ProduceMyBook.com. Having at least one non-fiction book to showcase your Genuine Expert Method (GEM) as a business owner is the equivalent of attaining a masters degree for those seeking higher pay and status in the corporate world.

Our Ideal Customer

My ideal customer is in the process of starting or expanding at least one service-related business and recognizes he or she could get more leads and sales (and charge more) if their non-fiction book could only get completed and selling. But, to that person, the book will never happen because he or she either has no time to write, hates writing, or is such a perfectionist that the book will never be called "done."

Very important: We are not ghost writers but deep-dive content extractors. All of our books are written using the author's voice. We merely adjust words and sentences so that their spoken content is delivered in a way that is easy to read and digest.

Our Team
Marty Dickinson from Produce My Book (Formerly R50Books)
Marty Dickinson
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Your Non-Fiction Book in 6 Weeks Without Typing

Display your expertise by writing a book and you'll get more leads and sales for your business (and charge more too!). The best part is that this book will actually get completed...within 6 weeks! Why? Because you, the author, will never have to type a word of your manuscript. We will...

FREE Live Networking Meeting (Web-Based)

Join us Wednesday, March 8, 2017 (and every 2nd Wednesday) from 9-10 a.m. (Mountain Time) and meet other business owners, speakers, authors, coaches, and consultants. Get practice presenting your business in live video format, get feedback, and improve your video presentation skills....
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Facebook Live is one of those things you just don't really "get" until you do it. Two Here Next Year Club participants discovered that since our last meeting a month ago. Tomorrow, during our usual 2nd Wednesday of the month business networking meeting, we are going to have an in-depth...
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During your needs analysis, tell the prospective client you are evaluating their project as much as they are evaluating your ability to help them. If you are not a good fit for their goals, you... (more)
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My ideal client is a business owner with a method he uses almost exactly the same every time the services is provided to clients, but has not been able to find the time to write a book to showcase... (more)

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