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Lone Star Market Research LLC is the voice of Austin. Focus groups, usability studies & consumer testing. Join our database & get paid for your opinions. We do anything from beer tasting to computer testing. Join the fun today.

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Be the Voice of Austin. Let consumers know how you feel about their products or services. Sign up in our database to be considered for focus groups and usability testing. Get paid cash for your opinions.

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Brigitte Mendoza from Lone Star Market Research LLC
Brigitte Mendoza
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Market Research

Lone Star Market Research is a company that provides unparalleled recruiting services at the most cost-effective rates. We welcome the opportunity to handle your project and prove to you why we are the best. Lone Star Market Research is the voice of Austin! Also, join our database & get...

Get Paid for your Opinions

Be the voice of Austin. Become a participant for paid consumer research studies. Join our database today or if you are already a member- pass it along to a friend. http://lonestarmarketresearch.com/participate/
Past Events & Promotions
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Lone Star Market Research is currently looking for developers who are hands-on in the development/architecture of the back-end of apps – specifically using ‘big data’ tools, for example- Amazon (EMR) or Google (Big Data or Big Query) etc.. We want to talk with developers using unstructured data...
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Lone Star Market Research is looking for Austin Area folks, ages 18-64 to participate in a 90 min study about streaming TV. Study participants will receive $125 for participation. We have a variety times available between 2/28-3/10/2017. Give us your opinions and earn some cash. ...
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We are looking for one local restaurant mgr/operator to participate in a one hour market research on Friday, Oct 28th with time slots available before 3PM.Located in the Domain. Participant will be paid $100 cash for your opinions. No sales, just research regarding website features. Call...

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