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Lone Star Market Research LLC is the voice of Austin. Focus groups, usability studies & consumer testing. Join our database & get paid for your opinions. We do anything from beer tasting to computer testing. Join the fun today.

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Lone Star Market Research is a company that provides unparalleled recruiting services at the most cost-effective rates. We welcome the opportunity to handle your project and prove to you why we are the best. Lone Star Market Research is the voice of Austin! Also, join our database & get...

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Be the voice of Austin. Become a participant for paid consumer research studies. Join our database today or if you are already a member- pass it along to a friend. http://lonestarmarketresearch.com/participate/
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Brigitte Mendoza answered How Do You Deal With Competition In Your Industry?
3 months ago • 2 Likes
I don't view them as competitors. I see them as an opportunity to collaborate. With this attitude, I have won jobs that I could not have tackled on my own. Plus now my "competitors" are also my... (more)
Brigitte Mendoza answered Best Tool for A Pre Startup Market Survey?
28 days ago
Google forms are easy. Email them as a link otherwise folks have to register with Google and some won't. Survey Monkey is great, too and you can email it thru them or post a link thru social... (more)
Brigitte Mendoza answered Why Is It So Hard for Business Owners to Go on a Vacation?
2 months ago
I take vacations, but always have to work some. My business depends on bidding future business and I don't want employees knowing what I charge for projects/profits. Therefore, I have to do all... (more)
Brigitte Mendoza answered Do You Prefer Quick Books Desktop or Quick Books Online?
3 months ago
Definately online. I've used both and the online interface is easier to use. Plus my accountatn and CPA can access it. (more)
Brigitte Mendoza answered Has Anyone Set Up a Server for a Home Office With Four...
3 months ago • 3 Replies
I currently subscribe to Carbonite. Is that adequate back up? Yes, we primarily need file sharing and remote access. (more)

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