Looking for Software Developers
Monday Apr 24th - Apr 25th
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Lone Star Market Research is currently looking for developers who are hands-on in the development/architecture of the back-end of apps – specifically using ‘big data’ tools, for example- Amazon (EMR) or Google (Big Data or Big Query) etc.. We want to talk with developers using unstructured data (who may also be working with structured data). The study will pay $300 for approximately 1.5 hrs. In particular, We are not looking to gain any proprietary info, just general info.No sales involved and most people find these studies fun and educational. The study is sponsored by Microsoft. . We are also offering you a $50 referral fee for qualified participants. Thanks in advance for your help. Feel free to call if you want to discuss more details. Brigitte Mendoza 512-297-8545
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