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A unique retail store that has clothing, accessories, gifts, home decor, and furniture - all imported from India!

Indian Import Store

A unique retails store that has clothing, accessories, gifts, home decor & furnishings - all imported from India.


Marigold's own one of a kind embroidered ottomans imported from India. Great for seating, foot stool or even a coffee table!

Beautiful Room Available For Rent in Prime South Lamar Location

500 Sq. ft, has its own private bathroom and fully equipped kitchenette. Ideal as a shared massage, acupuncture or as a live/work arrangement. All amenities including parking available. $1590 per month. To see or for more details call 512 442 6600 or send email marigoldgatewaytoindia@gmail.com
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Lata Karna from Marigold Gateway To India
Lata Karna