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A recognized leader in small business and nonprofit marketing, Julie Niehoff is a popular speaker, writer and consultant. She has personally coached more than 100,000 small organizations and has helped to deliver marketing education to more than one million people in live, local classrooms across the US, Canada and in the UK since 2010.

Julie's new podcast is slated to launch in July - watch for updates on The Easy Marketing Guide with Julie Niehoff, part of the ListenUP Network. Julie is also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, and consults on small business strategy through both live and distance learning programming.

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Julie Niehoff
Speaker | Author | Marketing Coach
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Kate Tolliver
Executive Administrative Provider
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Julie speaks regularly about local business, marketing strategy, small business, social media, email marketing and nonprofit outreach. Her style is conversational, professional and approachable. She has a unique ability to help make complicated topics easy to understand and offers practical,...

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You can review Julie's recent articles on The Huffington Post huffingtonpost.com/julie-niehoff
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Ever attended ACC? You should join the Alumni Network -- there are a lot of us out in the world making a difference and helping each other - connect and grow your business!
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Lisa has an amazing eye and sense of design. Highly recommend!!
Great organization doing important work.
I have worked closely with Twila several times over the last few years. She is reliable, talented and great to work with! I plan to use her in the future as well!
The SBDC at Texas State is an outstanding organization bringing so many opportunities for learning and growth to the local business community. If you are starting a business or trying to get a jump start for an established one, this org can help you!
Really a big fan of this event and group
Guardian Pet Sitters is a trusted service. I have known them for years and they run a solid business taking care of our animals for the people who love them.
CSW has their act together, this is an honest, solid business with great promotional products and a firm focus on service
One of the best local orgs in Austin area, strong community leadership
HM has an impressive portfolio, their work stands out
Amazing resource for news, tech uodates and priductivity life hacks
Best of breed organization, dynamic engaged leadership, a top resource
Texas Freelance Association is a game changer for independent contractors and solopreneurs. In all the best ways.
Outstanding leader and speaker
BidView has so much potential for local business to grow - look it up!
What can I say about Antonelli's? Simply awesome. Great people. Great product. Great marketing. Greatness.
Every construction site has to have their SWPPP in order, Larkin Environmental is the most cost effective, friendly and efficient service out there. Highly recommended!
Beth at A-list Interviews is an amazing asset to any business looking to hire the right people the right way. Her experience and to-the-point style are unmatched. Can't go wrong with A-list.
Past Events & Promotions
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There's still time to sign up, classes start Friday, Sept 9th. Held every other Friday. Includes 8 full-day sessions (10am – 4pm) and can be supplemented with online participation as well. Julie Niehoff will facilitate this comprehensive overview of the marketing and outreach processes needed...
Julie Niehoff will host this free event in Austin, Sponsored by Alignable on August 19th - this will be a great event, join us to gather with other locals, learn from each other, find great leads, connect on issues and learn how to help each other grow. Special Session: How To Use Alignable to...
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Early Registration Now Open. The Center for Nonprofit Studies at ACC is offering a certificate in Marketing for Nonprofits, facilitated by Julie Niehoff. Class begin Sept 9th and are every other Friday through Dec 16. Participants earn 4.5 Continuing Education Units from Austin Community College...

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