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About Us

A 20+ year e-commerce agency. We're focused on working closely with online merchants to sell more online at higher profit margins. From development to management, marketing to coaching, we're a full service agency.

How We Got Started

We started to help businesses do more online, whether with websites, e-commerce, email marketing, PPC, etc. We believe strongly in targeted marketing: efficiently going after the ideal customers.

Our Ideal Customer

B2C and B2B merchants, whether currently online or not. We also work with non-e-commerce businesses seeking to grow their client base: attorneys, real estate companies, tourism by leveraging online marketing. We begin by doing a deep dive into a merchant's operation, then create a detailed actionable plan for achieving their 1 and 2 years objectives.

Our Team
Bret Williams from novusweb llc
Bret Williams
Products & Services


Some platforms tempt businesses to quickly launch: “Build a store in 30 minutes!” While, technically, you can launch an online store in quick order, building a successful store requires a lot more work. It’s not atypical for online merchants to quickly build an online store, then find out it...

Coaching & Training

Everyone needs a mentor. Running a business can be challenge, and operating an online e-commerce business is one of the most complex forms of selling. No matter how much of the day-to-day functions you and your team perform, it can help to have someone who’s been there before helping you realize...


We’re made of writers. After all, we’ve written several published books relating to e-commerce, made numerous presentations, and created content for hundreds of websites. For us, the key to great content production is taking the time to learn the brand. For us, the brand (company and/or product)...


Building an e-commerce solution — storefront, integration, omni-channel system — is perhaps the riskiest, most costly investment you’ll make when launching a new online sales initiative. It’s not uncommon for companies to misstep on their first (or second) attempt to empower their online efforts....


We’re going to let you in on a little secret to conquering SEO: we call it brand articulation. Being able to communicate the features of your brand and products is the real key to SEO dominance. The technical aspects of communicating your brand to the search engines is relatively easy; it’s...


Do you have a B2B business, but want to build a direct-to-consumer channel? Are your online sales efforts struggling to grow? We know from hard-earned experience that operating an e-commerce business is tough work. The truth is that if you’re not committing sufficient and specific resources to...
Businesses We Recommend
Philip is a wonderful, long-time client. Very honorable, and he strives to deliver quality and professionalism to his customers.
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