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About Us

SWC was started in 2007 to promote the music of Sam Watkins, my wife and I grew this company into a music management and music promotion firm for musicians around the world.

ITNS Radio begun as In The Neon Spotlight in 2010 and is "the show By Musicians For Musicians". We currently operate under "ITNS Radio" In The Neon Spotlight @ blogtalkradio.com/samwatkinsrocks and our sister station ITNS Radio 24/7 Live @ spreaker.com/user/itnsradio running 24/7 since March 2016. Visit itnsradio.com for more info.

Catbone Records is a unique label that has worked with legendary Artists such as John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, James Cotton, Peter Frampton, Nanette Workman and many others.

Our Artist Roster includes Jackson Nickels, Donna Sullivan Hatley, Jim Casey, Lester Chambers, Lee Morris, and Sam Watkins. We are always looking for really strong independent artists of all genres who have a strong following, tenacity, quality, and great production, but earthy and real.

Send your press kit to: catbone@reverbnation.com.

We are about the Music and the Art!

"The Beat of The Heart Is The Rhythm Of The Blues, It's Poetry In Motion, Rhyming With The Truth" ~~~ Ken Hatley

How We Got Started

My wife Tina was my biggest influence in continuing to create music and in creating everything we have thus far done. And I think we both fulfilled a dream together, to create a company that not only benefits us but others as well.

Our Team
Sam Watkins from Sam Watkins Country, ITNS Radio and Catbone Records
Sam Watkins
Products & Services

Your commercial on ITNS Radio with our​ Amazing Promo! ​

Four months for a one time fee Includes the following: 1) A commercial custom-made to your needs and specifications (Recorded and archived for your advertising and promotional needs!, . 2) Your YouTube video on our website. 3) Full page ad in our newsletter (distribution of over...
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