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About Us

What is Whole Animal Farming? It is what we feel we do here on our farm. We have never felt comfortable about raising animals just for meat. After practicing permaculture for so many years on a homestead scale, we feel that each species we have here on the farm must perform more than one function. So our sheep not only provide lamb, but also give us wool, and milk for our delicious sheep milk ice cream. Our ducks provide us with eggs, meat, and ducklings. Our chickens give us eggs, manure, and provide the vital service of scratching up the duck area.

We like to raise animals that are balanced in the traits they have. We believe this provides us with a hardier, and healthier animals that is more suited to our climate, and management system.

We welcome you to our farm.

How We Got Started

Tim Fisher and Jennifer Osborn are the proud farmers of All Sorts Acre. A gift of two Shetland sheep started them on a journey they never could have anticipated.

Our Team
Jennifer Osborn from All Sorts Acres
Jennifer Osborn
Products & Services

Sheep's Milk Ice Cream

It all begins with the milk. Beginning in June 2016 we will be offering premium, hand crafted, small batch sheep milk ice cream in biodegradable packaging. Ice cream will be available in two sizes: 500ml 250ml single serving We will be featuring 4 flagship flavours all year: ...

Pastured Duck

If you are in the area, we do farm gate sales. We have duck available right now. Whole Duck – 5-9lbs avg. – $6/lb


Hand-spun lopi style yarn available. A number of different colours available. Custom colours available.


We have a number of sheepskins available in a variety of colours and styles. All are locally processed at Atlas Tanning in Blyth Ontario, the last place for farmers to bring their skins to be processed.

Felting batts

This wool is from our own felters flock of sheep. These wool batts in their natural colours. Each batt measures approximately 66cm (26 inches) x 48cm (19 inches) and weighs approximately 100g each. There is some VM in it but it does not affect felting. Processed at a local mill, no...
Businesses We Recommend
Alexis is a great teacher and extremely knowledgeable.
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Bruce Cockburn
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Lamb is one of the most delicious, and easiest meats to prepare. They grow throughout the spring, summer, and even into autumn, eating many different species of grasses, legumes, and trees. All these different plants help to flavour their meat, and keep them healthy. When the grass is growing the...
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