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Hand-done and computer Calligraphy since 1992. Assisting clients with envelope addressing, place cards, certificates, programs, and other special projects! Contact me for rates and/or a sample!

Hours 6-8pm Mon-Fri and 12-3pm Sat-Sun.

Addressing envelopes

Hand done and computer Calligraphy to address envelopes

Corporate Event Personalization

Hand done Calligraphy for corporate events - holidays, gifts and signage

Menu and Program Design

Menus and Programs completed by hand or computer calligraphy with professional printing services


Complete and 'fill-in' certificates in hand-done calligraphy.

Unique Documents

Poetry, Wedding Vows, Scrolls, Lyrics, Book design and various of other projects that can be done by hand or computer calligraphy!

Seating Lists

A great option to place cards (or with place cards)!
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Highly Recommended

By 5+ Local Business Owners!
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Nancy Scheer from Calligraphy by Nancy
Nancy Scheer