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About Us

As an expert at executive search, exit and transition planning, & executive coaching, I help business owners find top level talent, plan the personal and business exit, and provide top level coaching.

How We Got Started

Our proprietary processes for recruitment, selection and coaching help clients avoid costly mis-hires, improve employee motivation, and increase bottom line profitability.

Our Ideal Customer

Call me when a business owner you know needs to think about and plan their business transition strategy and exit, so that they know what they will do the Monday morning after they exit their business. This can include finding an executive to run their business.

Our Team
Warren from The Executive Suite
Products & Services

Executive Recruiting and Professional Staffing Services

Our focus is on identifying top level talent for your company that matches your business culture, business plan, goals and objectives.

Executive Coaching

Some managers need help understanding how to manage and motivate better. Our proprietary coaching and training process adapts to your company needs.

Franchise Coaching

If you have an interest in owning your own business - but don't know where to start, franchise ownership might be a good option. Give us a call to discuss.

Transition Planning

As a Transition Planning Consultant with Successful Transition Planning Institute Warren works with Baby Boomer business owners and career professionals to develop a sense of purpose and meaning in the next stages of their lives. There are several transition programs available. Take a look at a...
Past Events & Promotions
EXPLORE YOUR LIFE, SHAPE YOUR FUTURE What do you hope your work associates will say about you after you have left? Would you agree that a successful transition requires separating work roles from who you are as a person? Visit Warren & Lois at the PRIME TIME EXPO on June 11 to learn what...

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