About Us

William Alburger, an environmental eco-artist, creates art from rescued & reclaimed wood. His "green" creations, often architectural, are signed originals.

Eco-artist William Alburger is a conservationist. He rescues and salvages wood that others have deemed worthless and showcases the beauty of weathering life's storms and the glory of age lines. He creates outdoors all year long and prefers all things organic and natural. His designs come from the distorted boards he rescues and he highlights nature's own unique way of signing each piece of wood.

It is respect for nature that informs his art. Powerfully infused with metaphors, his functional wood sculptures speak of perseverance, respect, hope and joy. He partners with nature by honoring the wood that has served the planet, first as a tree, then as an outbuilding, and finally as an indoor work of art. His pieces result in texture-rich functional art that moves the soul.

Our Team
William Alburger from Green Furniture Eco Art Using Reclaimed Wood by William Alburger
William Alburger
Owner; original artist and designer