Our Ideal Customer

People who need wordsmithing and or social media overview.

About Us

A former, Community Manager, Journalist, and Writer. Also a former, Radio DJ, and Program Director, Television Program Director, Public Affairs Officer, Speech Writer, Award Winning Radio Spot writer, is looking for a position to contribute my years of experience and further your enterprise.

Specialties: Customer Service, Community Management, Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, New Media, Retail Merchandising, Event Sales Representative, Writer of Press Releases, Producer of Events.

Press Release

Will write a press release for distribution to the press or social media.

Social media consultant

Will assist you with your presence in the world of Social Media.
Businesses We Recommend
Apostle Islands Historic Preservation ,
Apostle Islands Historic Preservation
Local area history preservation
Love that a bakery is using locally sourced products. Everyone wins.
Great people promoting a great destination.
I've know Rusty for several years. He keeps his pulse on all things political.
Great local fish and great customer service.
Bayfield Maritime Museum, Bayfield WI
Bayfield Maritime Museum
Bayfield WI • 0.4 mi away • Museum
Local History preserved.
Our Team
Paul Swansen from Swansen Report
Paul Swansen