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About Us

Professional 24 Hour Message center Designed take and dispatch critical calls 24 hours a day for the medical and Service industry

How We Got Started

Harford County had a new hospital in 1979 and telephone communication between doctors and their patients, in my opinion, needed improvement. A Better Answer is a result of those thoughts. Now nearly 40 years later, starting ABA was a good decision.

Our Ideal Customer

EVERYONE is an ideal customer. We interview the client, find out exactly what they prefer and design the account to meet those expectations. Physicians, hospitals, medical equipment professionals, plumbers, electricians, oil delivery companies.

Our Team
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Patricia (Pat) Scott
Upcoming Events & Promotions
A Better Answer is working with communication leaders across the US to upgrade our equipment. STARTEL of California engineers have designed ABA's upgrade to meet the needs of ABA clients whether they be physicians or tradesmen. Voicemail professional John Pope, developer of our CenturiSoft...
Products & Services


Text messaging to the medical community requires secure dispatch. ABA provides secure messaging to several hundred physicians, medical equipment companies and medical centers. Secure messaging requires a special "app" and registration....available at A BETTER ANSWER. Call 410 879 8600 for...


The CenturiSoft Voicemail is considered BEST QUALITY by professionals in the answering service industry. Every ABA client has access to voice mail as part of the program. Call us to have your voice mail program designed exactly as you want it. 410 879 8600
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