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About Us

No matter how successful….your business is no better than its bathrooms.

From the floor you walk on, to the air you breathe, Washroom Wizard! magically transforms your restroom. Our specialized services provide businesses with solutions to the problem of restroom care. Although this is what we do, the reasons our customers retain our services are not related to cleaning and include:

• saves valuable management time,

• raises employee morale,

• retains customers,

• enhances business image,

• contributes to health and safety,

• lowers maintenance costs of a facility, and

• reduces the overall cost of doing business.

The freedom from worry that our clients experience because they no longer “have to think about it” is the common motivating factor for using our services. If this is what you want for your business, contact us today!




How We Got Started

In the Bellingham, Washington of 22 years ago there was no job with my professional designation - "Transportation Planner". If I wanted to live here, I had to figure out another way of earning an income.

Maintaining restroom cleanliness is a problem everywhere. Washroom Wizard! is the solution.

Our Team
Cynthia G Powers from Washroom Wizard!
Cynthia G Powers
Grand Wizardess
Products & Services

Eco-Aire - Natural Air Freshener Service

Dare we talk about odors? Our Eco-Aire service neutralizes odors with natural components; it contains no chemically formulated elements. Safe to use in all environments. Unless an individual is allergic to one of the natural elements; there is no adverse reaction to Eco-Aire. Will eliminate...

Restroom Mess Causing Management Stress?

There are so many reasons for having your business restroom professionally cleaned: Health and Wellness Business Image Employee Morale Customer Retention Longevity of your facility The service can pay for itself just because YOU don't have to deal with it. What is your time worth? Contact...
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If you • ignore environmental accountability, • put on blinders about worker health and safety, and • pay no attention to employee morale. DON'T GET OUR SERVICES