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I coach both personal and business mastery topics to a range of clients. My clients want help with anything from breaking through confidence issues such as presenting and creating videos, to how to understand their employees better and how to empower them. My business mastery also helps people set up a strong social media platform and develop a strong brand that reaches out to their tribe.

Also, I have noticed a significant amount of my clients that have been knocked down at some point their lives and they need that little correction to get them back on course in their life, heading towards a destination of happiness and success.

I am also looking for companies that are looking for someone to come in and inspire their employees and do three hour trainings on how to reach their maximum production.

About Us

I am a professional speaker and trainer and I also coach select clients on how to excel in their business and communication skills, including speaking. My personal and business mastery course is helping people who are not sure what to do next when it comes to marketing using social media, video production and all of the other must have technology tools that are so important. Secondly, on the personal side of the mastery program, I help you to see how to get out of your own way. I use proven techniques that work to break through old default patterns that keep you back from success. I coach Executives, Realtors, Holistic Healers, Life Coaches and just about any business professional that need my services.

My speaking topics are based around leadership, emotional intelligence, self development and how people can grow by getting out of their own way. My 23 years as a sea captain give me plenty of topics to help me to connect with the audience in a unique and powerful way.

I am available to speak anywhere and because I live in Bend, OR, I can give you a great discount from my typical fees. I am able to travel anywhere in the western hemisphere, so if you need a speaker that speaks about adventurous interpretations, contact me. My talks are never boring and I can shape my talks to fit the particular needs of the corporation or organization.

Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation and I will send you an information packet. If you are interested in coaching and finding out more about what that entails, call me at 541-864-0627

Personal & Business Mastery Coaching

I work with select individuals who want to take their life or their business to a new level. I use the Strategic Intervention coaching model developed by Tony Robbins and World Renowned Psychologist Cloe Madanes. SI is a powerful course that uses NLP and other great methods to help people to...

Speaking and Training

Although I speak all across the United States and in Canada, I am available to speak in the Bend, Central Oregon area on request. I am available for Keynote speeches, trainings, 2 hours and up to 2 days depending on the situation or request. I will also entertain taking on a few clients to share...

Business Mastery: Social Networking Site & Video Production Optimization

Spring is a time of renewal, readjusting your course after a season of winter storms, adverse weather and rough conditions. Many small business people know that they need to do video. They know that they need to have a social media presence. They know that their competition is already ahead of...
Businesses We Recommend
Bill has very counter intuitive techniques that I really enjoyed on an office visit. If you are looking for a way to get some stress release, you simply must go by and try his Neurowave bed. Guaranteed to take you away for a deep 45 minute rest.
Danielle is a dynamic yet gentle leader that has a heart of gold. She will help you with issues you may be dealing with and help you to sort things out and get on the right track.
Layne Hood is the consummate professional and he has pushed his boundaries above and beyond other mental health counselors and life coaches. He has a vey kind and gentle demeanor and is all about helping others.
Good honest folks with a high level of experience and integrity.
Joan is the consummate professional. She has a gift for design work and she has a stellar personality. I recommend her to anyone in the Medford area that is looking to take things up a step in their lifestyle. Great person!
Evonne is an honest and down to earth Broker. I highly recommend her and have known her for many years.
Mari-Lynn is doing wonderful things to help others, make sure that you keep her in mind when you are considering making a donation to charity. The Sedona Pies are great too!
Jim is awesome and a consummate professional! His Voice Acting lessons rock! If you are thinking about going into voiceover work, choose Jim to coach you!
Christophe is a forthright and solid businessman. He says what he is going to do and gets the job done!
Barbara Hart has been a friend of mine for over 16 years and I know that she has been in the mortgage business much longer than that. She is a complete loan technician that prides herself on knowing all of the most recent regulations and loan programs. She has a kind heart and knows how to take care of the client from day one until the end of the transaction. I highly recommend her in this increasingly complicated loan business. One mistake can tip the entire deal over, rely on her experience!

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