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I test an individuals chemistry through the hair analysis to address our specific health concerns and most importantly the cause so we can correct imbalances. I work with heavy metal toxicity, exhaustion, adrenal burnout, copper toxicity, disease, general fatigue, digestive issues, inflammation, thyroid issues, disorders, disease, multiple symptoms, etc. We can address your needs individually and as a whole. The sooner you begin to detox and rebuild you will feel changes physically, emotionally, mentally and symptoms will improve! www.hairanalysisnutrition.com

How We Got Started

I'm a proud mother of 4 beautiful daughters but it took a toll on my body. I didn't realize just how much until I was unable to stay awake for more than 6 hours a day while caring for them. I would fall asleep sitting straight up in a kitchen chair. Sugar and caffeine pushed me through the days doing even more damage to my already depleted adrenals and empty electrolytes. After countless medical appointments with multiple types of doctors and extensive testing they were unable to give me answers and simply dismissed me. I was still exhausted and could literally feel myself dying. I had no where else to turn. Thankfully I found Hair Analysis it literally saved my life. Within two weeks after starting my program my husband was grateful for it giving him his wife back!! Since 2011 I've been blessed and privileged to work with Dr. Larry Wilson. Due to his knowledge and guidance I've been able to help so many on their journey to better health.

Our Ideal Customer

Hair analysis is beneficial to all people of all ages. We all have imbalances and toxicification we need help correcting.

Our Team
Lisa M Rufsholm from Scientific Nutrition
Lisa M Rufsholm
Hair Analysis Consultant
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Nutritional balancing and detox through hair analysis

Through hair analysis you will learn your mineral and metal toxicity levels. Learn how to correct your individual chemistry imbalances with nutritional supplements and detoxification methods. ​ Scientific Nutrition shows your specific needs and excesses. This is not a generalized...
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Clean, friendly environment and helpful staff!!
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Clean, friendly environment and helpful staff!
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