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I make things happen. That's my brand.

"The Most Powerful Woman in Pot" - Fortune Magazine


A professional "Deal Maker" in connecting individuals and companies together for a mutual benefit.

A proven visionary and leader in the entrepreneurial investment community. Created a powerful collaborative environment for bringing together like-minded community leaders, business executives, angel investors, serial entrepreneurs and early-stage companies that translated into investments in over 100 companies. A dynamic public speaker and facilitator. Knowledgeable in helping entrepreneurs and companies receive capital and valuable resources, creating the future economics of our region and country. Dedicated to maintaining a reputation built on integrity, quality, structure, consistency, and uncompromising ethics.

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Cheryl Shuman from Cheryl Shuman Inc.
Cheryl Shuman
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John Davis is one of my favorite people in the world. He's so knowledgeable & respected in the cannabis industry. I'm honored to know him and to have worked with him since nearly the "beginning". I "highly" recommend him as a business person, a friend and all good things. We should have more John Davis types in the world. It would be a much better place.
Great company!
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