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Glen Benjamin from Host.Net
Glen Benjamin from Host.Net wrote
Please tell us what type of computer programmer are you looking for and where you are located? You are welcome to reach out to me at glen@host.net or 954-974-6262 and I'm also a Board Member at www... (more)
Juan Lopez from NearSource, Inc.
Juan Lopez from NearSource, Inc. wrote
Yes, this is a scam. Sometimes they even say they are hearing impaired and can't talk on the phone. What they want you to do is charge a credit card number and ask you to send them the money via mo... (more)
John Florey from John Florey
John Florey from John Florey wrote
I'm seeing a lot of our clients generate better ROI, with a lower CPA when the Facebook ads are targeted well, and re-marketing utilized properly as well. I do often caution people that Facebook a... (more)
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