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Businesses who realize (and who don't) that customer retention is the most valued asset but do not have a working system or know how.

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System Marketing. A powerful customer retention and acquisition solution that runs 99% automatically. The 1% effort creates the 99% of the results. See http://systemmarketing.florida.com for shocking stats what happens if you have a system vs. if you don't.

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Florida.com started in a marketing think tank. System Marketing started as we saw the need to share our successes with business owners who don't have the time to create power marketing systems, that work.

Best of Florida Lists

Compiling Top Florida Lists for Realtors, Builders, Service Oriented biz. Max 3 per city. Need to have track record. Cost as low as $1 per day with a link to your business site from Florida.com

Coupons are stealing your business.

According to Enterpreneur.com 49% of people will change alliance from a competitor coupon. If you have a system to combat that, you WILL get them back.
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Chana Kaleky answered Suggestions For Utilizing Facebook To Build Referrals?
2 months ago • 1 Like
The method is in the system. A simple FB page will not do enough. You need to combine 3 things to succeed. 1. Target your audience through smart FB ads. 2. Bring them to a congruent sales... (more)
Chana Kaleky answered What Is an Inexpensive Way to Build a Website and Get It...
about 1 month ago
Wordpress. Been building websites for 20 years. Wordpress is built for Seo. It is free, hosting is cheap and there are 1000's of templates if you want nicer design. Here is one I built in 1 hour... (more)
Chana Kaleky asked What Customer Retention and Referral Methods Work Best...
2 months ago • 3 Replies
We are looking for ideas from people who have methods. If you have a plan in place tell me what you do. Facebook says "It is easier to sell current customers than look for new ones." Our company... (more)
Chana Kaleky answered What Is the Best Way to Market for Business Services?
4 months ago
What kind of business services do you exactly offer? Who is your exact target market? Where can you expand these services? What type of real incentives can you offer. Can you piggyback your... (more)
Chana Kaleky answered Business Services Professionals, What Is the Most...
2 months ago • 1 Reply
Great advice, but I am looking more for how to reach them. Make alliances with insurance brokers who sell them, door to door, telemarketing, facebook targeting etc. (more)
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