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About Us

My corporate clients achieve strong cohesive team(s) and significantly reduce their turnover through my workshops and mass training.

My entrepreneur clients increase their bottom line through personal and group coaching.

How We Got Started

I spent over 20 years building teams on 4 continents and multiple industries.

The Nature has plenty of great examples of how any organization starting with family was designed to operate at its best. The 5 principles I deliver are simple and applicable to any size organization.

Our Ideal Customer

Organization experiencing challenges with team effectiveness, high and costly turnover or management gaps.

Executive team that would rather invest in top 20% of their leaders than waste resource trying to "fix" the other 80%.

Our Team
Jenya Semenov from LEADERSHIP UNchained Executive Coaching
Jenya Semenov
Speaker, trainer, coach - turnover assassin
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Powered by Leadership UNchained and Luxury Home Magazine of San Antonio and Austin A unique development experience spearheaded by the A-list speaker and leaders in business growth and leadership. "A must be at, event!"
Products & Services


Corporate address focusing on organizational development in the areas of: - leadership - teamwork - employee engagement

Group development

An ongoing personal development classes (mastermind) focusing on: - personal growth - leadership skills - communication skills - SMART goal setting - influencing the outcome

Personal/ business coaching

Individual coaching focusing on client's growth in the areas of: - breaking through mindset limitations - surpassing current growth results - increasing business growth - developing succession, transition and expansion plan
Businesses We Recommend
Stephanie has a great sales training program and her message is simple and engaging.
Capone is great at understanding the concept in your head and putting it in a logo that otherwise I could not see clearly.!!!
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