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About Us

YES! Impact IS indeed a mobile service that bring the fun to you, instead of you having to fight traffic, eat cold pizza and soda only as you're ushered out of someone else's place by a teenager who could care less about your experience.

We want you to BE THE HOST OF YOUR PARTY or event!!

Start and enjoy as long as you decide!

Eat and drink (yes, adult beverages mix very well with our laser guns!) whatever you decide!

Host your event wherever you decide!

Let US bring, setup, run and cleanup the entertainment! We've done private parties in the backyard, front yard, city park, outside the church, INSIDE A Church (yes we did!), etc.

Have a team of at least 20 employees and tired of same old, "let's go ______ing" that you've done before?

How about having everyone enjoy a mission driven laser tag right in your office or even a warehouse?! Or in the park outside?!

You take it up a notch? Add a team building workshop by an experienced global team building trainer with over 20 of experience...

See details and book here: www.ImpactLaserTag.com

Impact combines of a long corporate training and a passion for building strong relationships. A game achieves in 3 seconds what takes us corporate trainers months - a breakthrough the "safety" guard we all naturally put up. As a result, people connect quicker and deeper, all the while laughing and making great memories.

Our corporate clients achieve strong cohesive team(s) and significantly reduce their turnover when combine a fun laser tag play with interactive and unique workshop.

Our private parties generate tons of great memories that participants talk about for months and even years.

How We Got Started

It was a combination of a dream (yep, a dream) and a question I asked my son in 2015.

In my dream I saw a dad playing with his family and all actually enjoyed it... they were playing laser tag.

The question was "son, you know what I do for a living, right?"

The answer...

Give us a call to find out! I guarantee it will challenge your approach to relationships just as it challenged me...

Our Ideal Customer


Birthday parties, private family events, reunions


Youth camps and events, Public events, fairs and promotions


20-200 employees (the sweet spot)

Organization experiencing challenges with team effectiveness, high turnover, OSHA issues, internal communication or management gaps.

Business owners that would rather invest in their leaders than spend resources trying to "fix" issues over and over and over again with limited effectiveness.

Our Team
Jenya Semenov from Impact Mobile Laser Tag & Team Building
Jenya Semenov
Managing partner / turnover assassin
Upcoming Events & Promotions
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First 5 business clients that will book their team building with Impact Laser Tag in August will receive a 30% discount!!! School and ISD Administration, Residential, Commercial and Personal services, plus non-profit organization qualify for this offer.
Hosted by Impact Laser Tag and Luxury Home Magazine of San Antonio and Austin. A unique development experience spearheaded by the A-list speaker and leaders in business growth and leadership. "A must be at, event!" www.live2leadsanantonio.com
Products & Services

Keynotes - Leadership

I speak on organizational development in the areas of: - leaders' influence - how to achieve perfect teamwork - how to engage employees

Team Building

A guided interactive laser tag mission accomplishes what takes a corporate trainer or HR specialist months, in just a few seconds! The game itself tricks our brain to "drop" the guard because it's fun. We open up when we smile. And our true colors are revealed. This is where true team building...

Private parties

Birthday, reunion, summer camp, VBS or no reason other than want to have Safe, Fun & Engaging experience For details and booking go to: www.ImpactLaserTag.com

Public Events

We work with multiple businesses and organizations like Random Beer Garden, Berges Fest, Round Up Music and Special Events Venue and others to infuse unique experience into their offering with our MOBILE Laser Tag play. Find and follow up on social media for updates and coming up event using...
Businesses We Recommend
I've known Dan for over 10 years now and his ability to help families function like the members actually love each other is phenomenal. Plus he bring all that Maxwell treasure chest with him. Highly highly recommend, my friend, Dan!!
It's simple. If you're interested in seeing your sales go up, you need to call Stephanie's team. Sales process can be complicated, but at its core there are several foundational stone you need to have in place to achieve success, and that's what Scheller Enterprises does.
Past Events & Promotions
Come celebrate the early 4th of July
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Jenya Semenov answered What Are the Essential Skills of the Best Business Coaches?
13 days ago
I think of it as a 1-2 punch: 1- listen to learn the one I'm coaching 2- use what I've learned to push the right buttons at the right time to help them achieve breakthroughs. (more)
Jenya Semenov answered What's the Best Way to Acquire Customers in a Wider...
21 days ago
In the early stages, it is imperative to establish a good name (especially in the Hill Country, where folks "talk"). Networking has a big benefit. (more)
Jenya Semenov asked What Was Your Best Team Building Experience?
21 days ago • 1 Reply
Please share the size of the group, reason to do it and activity. Add your personal view of it (venue, overall feel for it and how would you do it differently). (more)
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