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About Us

We have served the area for 30 years as Appalachian TV. Due to the changing service industry, we developed a speaker design that has earned a US patent, and we currently manufacture and market them.

How We Got Started

We have always been loved music, both as musicians and technicians. Through experimentation with audio systems, we tackled an audio chair. By overcoming issues with subs, we ended up with answers that have proven to be new (per the USPTO issuing a utility patent). We applied the design to existing uses as in home audio systems, but the application we call "close proximity" is the most exciting. This provides an enjoyment of TV for people with hearing issues that is unavailable any other way. Every design we have incorporated our patent in has performed far better than any other design on the market.

Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer is someone who loves music, someone who has hearing issues, someone who lives with someone who has hearing issues, gamers, musicians, etc...

Our Team
Joe Crosswell from Artisan Audio, INC
Joe Crosswell
Mitch Bullins from Artisan Audio, INC
Mitch Bullins
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